The Persistence of Ignorance

The Persistence of Ignorance is a gallery of computer generated images. I create these images with a Raytracer, a kind of program that uses a 3D technique called (obviously) Raytracing to obtain a picture from a virtual scene, previously defined. There are many raytracing programs out there, most commercial, but I use only POV-Ray, an amazing and free raytracer, and his unofficial sequel MegaPOV.

In addition to the galleries, the site contains some of the source code used to generate these, and also information about the techniques I often use. Finally, there is the almost mandatory links section with a few URLs related to POV-Ray. Please send any comment, suggestion or criticism, about the images or the site, to jaime at ignorancia (dot org).

Thanks for the visit, and enjoy the images!


Nov 24, 2012
Two new works in progress. Yes, there are three, but the tiles generator page isn't really new: I forgot to put a link to it on the last update...
Tile GeneratorCutleryFallen Fruits
Nov 1, 2012
More tests with the Bullet Physics Playground
Take your meds!
Oct 23, 2012
I've just changed the license for all the images, source code and applications offered on this site. I was really tired of people asking for clarifications on my home-made usage conditions, which admittedly where not very good nor clear, so I changed over to a CC license.

Oct 22, 2012
I discovered an amazing tool to play with physics simulations and POV-Ray, and have been playing with it for a while... here are some of the first test with it.
Koppi's Bullet Physics Playground
Oct 22, 2012
Second part of the late summer update, tough this time the images are much more recent...
Alphabet BlocksA Box of OrangesLittle SavingsPOV-Ray Keyring
Oct 21, 2012
Some new techniques (sources) and experiments from last year, and even my first published app ever!
Camera (d)Effects Post ProcessingPOV-Ray lightmapping helperAmbient Occlusion BakingOther SSLT Tests
Oct 19, 2012
This year's "Summer Update" is a bit late: I'm getting more and more lazy regarding web updates... but better late than never: there are 4 new images on the Latest Images gallery, and I will be uploading a lot of things this weekend, mostly unfinished experiments and techniques, but also some very interesting discoveries.
Fantasy Cars from 2011Paper PeoplePool BallsDominoes

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