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About me

I'm a Computer Technician from Valencia (Spain), addicted to raytracing. All this started as an "innocent" secondary hobby, and now I expend almost all my free time typing POV-Ray scenes.

I have first heard of raytracing when I was hooked doing stereograms, around 1994. Apparently, something called POV-Ray served to create the gray-scale images needed for stereograms. Then I remembered having such program on a CD... I searched trough my CD pile, and finally found it.

Well, as you can figure, I never more returned to do stereograms... but it still bothers me to have had POV-Ray 2.0 for almost two years on the shelve, just in front of me, without knowing what I was missing... I could have had now much more experience! :(

At that moment, I had another "main" hobby: making music via MIDI. This is also a very addictive hobby, and it took me some years to progressively abandon music in favor of raytracing. It seemed that I was doing it better and better with POV, while my musical skills were stalled. Indeed, raytracing with POV-Ray was much more cheaper and, the most important, more satisfying for me. So, I finally abandoned the musical hobby some years ago, and all my free time is now for POV-Ray.

About the site

The purpose of this site is to show my raytracing images, and also to promote raytracing art and the use of free raytracers, specially POV-Ray. If you're wondering about the name of this site, it's a sort of descriptive slogan of my creative process: trial & error (see section Work methods for a longer description).

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Please, do not download the entire site automatically, specially if you are behind a fast connection, because I need to have at least some breaks to be able to navigate, receive mail, etc... if you have to do it, please at least use some tool to limit the bandwidth used to a few Kbps... I would really appreciate it

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