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Classical Highway.

MegaPOV 1.1, 2005-2006

I had to do something with the cars I modelled with Wings3D, but at the same time I wanted to avoid showing them too close or too clearly, so I figured out this sort of highway scene.

Except for one of the tests below, I'm not using radiosity, but a fill light. With the focal blur, motion blur and all the cars and trees, the radiosity version takes too long. Fortunately, the faked version looks convincing enough.

UPDATE Dec-2005

Added some more test WIPs bellow, and also these two animations:

autobahn-051014.mpg (2030 K)
autobahn-051016.mpg (2112 K).

UPDATE Apr-2006

I've finished the bus, and there are some new shots showing it alone and at the autobahn. There are also a few pics of a wierd idea I had while searching for pics for another scene: a massive car abduction on the autobahn by uknown aliens. BTW, I've still pending the modelling of the trucks...

UPDATE Jun-2006

At last I decided to finish this scene, but I wouldn't mind doing a sequel soon, as the topic is interesting. For now, I added a more realistic truck, but I didn't model it. It's a POV-Ray model by ZeSly made for the POVCOMP2004, and it was easy to integrate into the autobahn. I also added some more cars, but again they are not mine, but donwloaded from the free cars collection at DMI, and converted with PoseRay on my laptop. I just replaced the predefined textures with my own.

WIPS, tests and other images:

autobahn-050426 autobahn-050427-1 autobahn-050427-2 autobahn-050428-1 autobahn-050428-2 autobahn-050429-1 autobahn-050430-1 autobahn-050501-1 autobahn-050501-2 autobahn-050505-1 autobahn-050917 autobahn-050918 autobahn-051015 autobahn-051102 autobahn-060207-1 autobahn-060207-2 autobahn-060207-3 autobahn-060217-UFO autobahn-060218-UFO autobahn-060219-UFO autobahn-060601 autobahn-060603 autobahn-060604-1 bus_test_4

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