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MegaPOV HDRI tests

MegaPOV 1.1, 2005

After switching finally to MegaPOV, one of the first things I wanted to test was HDRI support, specially the output, to make my own light probes. But instead using a boring sphere-over-a-plane setup for the tests, I used some of my own scenes that seemed appropiate for this kind of lighting.

At first I tried with Paul Devec's probes, but almost instantly I wanted to make my own probes. I had some scenes suited for it, like the kitchen, the patio, and the office, so I've done some learning tests with them, tweaking the lighting to have a more realistic result. Look at the end of the page for the light probes I used for the tests below them, done with simplified versions of these scenes:

WIPS, tests and other images:

boltstill-HDRI-2 boltstill-HDRI-3 boltstill-HDRI-4 boltstill-HDRI-5 boltstill-HDRI-6 car_HDRI_test-2 car_HDRI_test-3-clip car_HDRI_test-3 coins-HDRI-1 coins-HDRI-2 coins-HDRI-3-clip coins-HDRI-3 cubiertos-HDRI-3 cubiertos-HDRI-4 cubiertos-HDRI-clip cubiertos-HDRI-noclip poolballs-HDRI-2 poolballs-HDRI-3 poolballs-HDRI-4 poolballs-HDRI-thekitchen-test-clip poolballs-HDRI-thekitchen-test-noclip teapot-HDRI-1 teapot-HDRI-2

HDRI maps used for the tests:

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