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Some visitors complained about the sources being difficult to find, as they are scattered into the multiple galleries. So, here is a detailed list of all the sources on this site, organized by category:

Tools & Objects:

Studio Lighting updateSetups for studio-like lighting updated for 3.7POV-Ray 3.7139K
Raining macros enhancedThomas de Groot enhanced the rain macrosPOV-Ray 3.76K
Ambient Occlusion BakingIllustrates how to use the new mesh_camera feature to bake an occlusion map for a mesh objectPOV-Ray 3.75149K
POV-Ray lightmapping helperJava tool which helps preparing a basic structure of POV-Ray files and a batch script which will allow to bake lightmaps from a POV-Ray scenePOV-Ray 3.71220K
Camera (d)Effects Post ProcessingPostprocessing effects using screen.incPOV-Ray 3.71386K
Bulb modelWings3d model of a classic bulbWings3d270K
Construction conesRenders a typical Under construction imagePOV-Ray 3.60K
hf2isoHeightfield-based IsosurfacesPOV-Ray 3.6501K
Raining macrosUsed on the Raining scene (includes a simple demo scene)POV-Ray 3.63K
Fabrics includeto use ArahWeave fabrics with POV-RayMegaPOV 1.2.11264K
Studio LightingSetups for studio-like lightingMegaPOV .2.1139K
Alarm clockClock modelled with Wings3D and offered as a POV-Ray macroPOV-Ray 3.6.1505K
Citroen GS modelA classic car modeled with Wings3D and offered in POV formatPOV-Ray 3.6.12508K
Wide-Gamut color spacesWide-Gamut color spaces for LightSysPOV-Ray 3.61K
C. Hormann RSPDsAdditional reflective spectrums for LightSysPOV-Ray 3.629K
ProceduralizeMacro to proceduralize photographic texturesPOV-Ray 3.62K
Cars SetMy Wings3D cars packagedPOV-Ray 3.65215K
SU2POV LightsAdditional light spectrums for LightSysPOV-Ray 3.610K
Tierra 1Random landscape generatorPOV-Ray 3.621K
pHDRIpseudo-HDRI lighting for regular POVPOV-Ray 3.62K
AzulejosCeramic tiles with functionsPOV-Ray 3.52K
Lightsys 4bLighting and color management macros POV-Ray 3.5392K
BookplacerA macro to place rows of booksPOV-Ray 3.53K
Tree macroBonsai-like treesPOV-Ray 3.127K
MeshlatheLathe to mesh converterPOV-Ray 3.13K
StSkyStacked planes technique to create cloudsPOV-Ray 3.15K

Tips & tricks:

EAGLE3D TutorialEagle3D Tutorial example filesMegaPOV 1.2.1482K
CA2POV PlanChief Architect Tutorial: planPOV-Ray 3.6416K
CA2POV Poseray FilesChief Architect Tutorial: Poseray exportPOV-Ray 3.63256K
CA2POV Final sceneChief Architect Tutorial: Final scenePOV-Ray 3.62209K
Stacked coinsStacking some heightfield coinsPOV-Ray 3.6505K
SeaExample of sea isosurfacePOV-Ray 3.62K
WaterglassGlass of water examplePOV-Ray 3.64K
Rad-save-loadTwo-pass radiosity examplePOV-Ray 3.51K
Fruit texturing IIFruit texturing trick translated to POV-Ray 3.5 syntaxPOV-Ray 3.53K
Fruit texturing IFruit texturing trick for applesMegaPOV 0.72K

Complete scenes:

The CaveA cave with stalactites and stalagmitesPOV-Ray 3.7484K
Grass after rainDew on the grassPOV-Ray 3.7546K
A Box of OrangesJust as collected on Valencian orchardPOV-Ray 3.72004K
Pool BallsMedia SSS experimentsPOV-Ray 3.73852K
AmazonasAmazonas river scenePOV-Ray 3.73515K
BambooSimple scene with bamboo trunksPOV-Ray 3.7 >RC3174K
Christmas baublesThe baubles & garland created for the POV-Ray Christmas imageMegaPOV 1.2259K
Town streetThe Town Street scene without the carsMegaPOV 1.21319K
The KitchenMy entry for the POVCOMP 2004POV-Ray 3.6.14759K
Photo-texuring experiments Testing usage of photographic textures to achieve realismPOV-Ray 3.63241K
ColumnsClassical columns: colosseumPOV-Ray 3.6414K
The OfficeThe average officePOV-Ray 3.52171K
PatioSpanish patioPOV-Ray 3.5703K
BoltstillStill life with boltsPOV-Ray 3.513K
MarjalValencian marshMegaPOV 0.726K
HotelFinally I've found my own radiosity settingsMegaPOV 0.5261K
TVRoomThis is not autobiographic!MegaPOV 0.31882K
BonsaiFirst scene with my own tree includePOV-Ray 3.1g34K
PuertaSimulating wood with height_fieldsPOV-Ray 3.144K
TubosA try to the rusty lookPOV-Ray 3.1112K
BarraA heavy test for my lathe-to-mesh macroPOV-Ray 3.1505K
PersianaMy first try with radiosityPOV-Ray 3.1359K
BodegaI modelled I barrel and wanted to do something with itPOV-Ray 3.048K
CafeSpanish alternative to the typical teapotPOV-Ray 3.0238K
POV AcceleratorUsing an image_map for object placementPOV-Ray 3.086K
VisigodaCombined use of heigh_fields and material_mapsPOV-Ray 3.067K
CastilloMy very first realistic brick wallPOV-Ray 3.0490K

IRTC entries:

AscetaJul-Aug-2002: Topic LONELINESSPOV-Ray 3.5 67K
Alchemist labJul-Aug-2001: Topic FANTASY & MYSTIC POVman 0.7 242K
CaracolMar-Apr-2001: Topic FORTRESS MegaPOV 0.7 12K
RuinedSep-Oct-2000: Topic LABORATORY MegaPOV 0.5 466K
SinkingJul-Aug-2000: Topic SEA MegaPOV 0.3 42K
CavernaMay-Jun-2000: Topic WILDERNESS MegaPOV 0.3 2K
Night CityMar-Apr-2000: Topic CITY POV-Ray 3.1 192K
RuinasJan-Feb-2000: Topic RUINS POV-Ray 3.1 156K
Urban TreeNov-Dec-1999: Topic GARDENS POV-Ray 3.1 462K
CanyonJul-Aug-1999: Topic LANDMARK POV-Ray 3.1 14K
MSIWJan-Feb-1999: Topic IMAGINARY WORLDS POV-Ray 3.1 1K
RunningSep-Oct-1998: Topic WATER POV-Ray 3.0 284K
NevadaMay-Jun-1998: Topic NATURE POV-Ray 3.0 174K
Blind AlleyMar-Apr-1998: Topic NITGH POV-Ray 3.0 571K
TraviesoNov-Dec-1997: Topic CHILDHOOD POV-Ray 3.0 336K
CamerinoSep-Oct-1997: Topic ART & ENTERTAIMENT POV-Ray 3.0 135K
VoduJul-Aug-1997: Topic MAGIC POV-Ray 3.0 540K
Ni ideaMar-Apr-1997: Topic SCHOOL POV-Ray 3.0 281K
AbandonadaJan-Feb-1997: Topic GLASS POV-Ray 3.0 65K
ButterfliesNov-Dec-1996: Topic FLIGHT POV-Ray 3.0 34K
LaboratorioSep-Oct-1996: Topic SCIENCE FICTION POV-Ray 3.0 81K
BotijoJul-Aug-1996: Topic SUMMERPOV-Ray 3.028K

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