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POV-Ray 3.7 + Wings3D, 2010 (3515 K)

Last year I forgot to publish this image, surely because it was suddenly abandoned due to some urgent matter that I do not remember now...

Here I was modelling little portions of the Amazon river, using Google Maps images as guides for the scene creation. Until I had to abandon it, I tried several spots that looked interesting... but there were plenty of places that looked as good candidates. In general the composition of most of the scenes was this one:

Update Oct-2012

I've uploaded the sources for this one, as a visitor asked for them. Note there is a missing image (sup06.jpg) which I can't redistribute, but you can replace it with any image of soil/sand (better if it's seamless).

WIPS, tests and other images:

amazonas-01 amazonas-03 amazonas-05 amazonas-06 amazonas-07 amazonas-08

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