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Fantasy Cars of 2011

Wings3D + POV-Ray 3.7, Aug-2011

Following my usual tendency to model cars from time to time... it's something I'm not good at, but that doesn't stops me from trying. These are my attemps at it from last year, which I was lazy enough to not publish until now...

This time I used a car model from the game SPEED DREAMS to use as reference for the proportions. I also extracted the driver and other items from the interior to use them on my car, so it doesn't looks empty.

WIPS, tests and other images:

concrete-09 concrete-11 concrete-12 concrete-13 concrete-16-rt38m concrete-17-rt2h7m concrete-18-rt31m concrete-19-rt2h21m concrete-20-rt1h45m studio-02-rt50m

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