Everything related to aliens goes here. It’s getting very long, because the AI seems to give me very good results for this topic, and I can’t help but constantly coming up with new ideas for alien prompts.

Alien Gardens

Let’s starts with some alien gardens…

Alien Nursery

How would a nursry for aliens look?

Frying Aliens

That was a stupid idea, but…

Cave paintings of aliens

Everyone knows aliens visited earth in ancient times, isn’t? Here are some examples of cavemen illustrating those events…

Alien Cities

Here I used the image-to-image feature, using as source images some fractals I rendered with Mandelbulber some years ago. The results are surprising, and sometimes look as miniatures because the fractals had very strong focal blur.

Alien Landscapes

Using the exact same technique like with the alien cities, but using different fractals and a landscape prompt. The wow factor in some of these kept me trying more and more variations… but not all done it here.

Alien Street Food

Surely aliens also have street food stalls on their cities… would you eat it?

More Alien Landscapes

For these I used the free demo of Stable Diffusion 2 at Baseten and inspiration from vintage sci-fi movies.

Alien Flowers

Practicing macro photography on another world.

Aliens Nursing Home

Well… a weird idea, I know.

Ancient Alien Catalog

Illustrated catalog of aliens, very old, possibly from around 1435. Inspired on the Voynich manuscript.

Aliens in the Church

Are aliens religious? Do they go to church on sundays?
UPDATE: I’ve now outpainted these from 768×768 to 1024×768

Alien Females

Female aliens can be beautiful too…

Alien Ruins

Ruins of alien cities on fire.

Alien Birds

Exotic alien birds in the jungle.

Aliens Picnic

Alien couples having a romantic picnic.