Don’t expect food selfies here… but everything the AI generated inspired on food prompts/images.

Fantastic Fruity Creatures

Inspired on Caravaggio paintings.

Popcorn Creatures

Inspired on Hyeronimous Bosch (yes, again…).

More Fruity Creatures

This time there is no “inspired by” artist, just image-to-image using totally unrelated images as source for the generation.

Pastry Creatures

Again using image-to-image, now with pastry creatures. Although the last ones in square format are prompt-only.

Alien Fruits

Well, these should really go to the alien section, but it is growing very big. And technically, this is food… isn’t?

Alien Haute Cuisine

Again, these seem equally related to food as to aliens, so…

Mutant Vegetables

And these could be on the horror section as well…