Normal, earthly landscapes. I tried to go for very calm, peaceful ones.

Landscapes inspired in Fractals

These where made using image-to-image, using as source some Mandelbuber fractals, tweaked beforehand for nature colors. The string focal blur on those fractals induced a miniature effect on most results.

And somehow, an alien showed unexpectedly on one of these…

Landscape Dioramas

I liked the miniature effect from the images above, so I asked specifically for landscape dioramas. With bonsais, of course.

Lost in the Jungle

Temples and golden cities lost in the jungle/forest. Again with fractals as base images.

French Gardens

Beautiful French Gardens, some inspired by fractals, and other from my POV-Ray landscapes.

Japanese Gardens

Same technique as the french gardens, but this time with japanese ones.

Abandoned Ponds

That’s it: just some abandoned ponds with wild vegetation.