This is the place for miscellaneous prompts that do not belong to a general category, and that most likely will not be revisited.


Inspired by a random image seen on TV, I did ran several variations of this topic. This time I used the free demo of Stable Diffusion 2 at Baseten.

Just Flowers

That’s it: just regular flowers. Inspired again by Mandelbulber fractals as sources for image-to-image generation.

Puppet Bands

Different kinds of music bands portrayed as puppets.

Doll’s Hospital

Dolls having surgeries done by puppet surgeons. Should have posted it on the horror section?

Mushroom Villages

I know this is a very typical topic, but I waned to try it. Again, it’s image-to-image from fractals.

Vintage Girls

Portraits of adorable girls that never existed, circa 1900.

Futuristic Scrap

Scrapyards full of futuristic scrap and litter.