Site News

It should be obvious by now that I’ve abandoned my raytracing hobby, as I didn’t publish any new POV-Ray image since 2016… more than 6 years ago. I’ve been using POV-Ray still for some time, but for work purposes, until I found it was too slow for my impatient clients. So I changed to Unreal Engine, which is still what I use when I get some commissioned work, although that is rare these days… I’m now doing other things, mostly programming Android and HMI apps.

The good news is that I found another hobby: playing with AI generated artwork. It’s really fun, and much less time consuming than creating POV-Ray scenes. You get almost instant results, although it’s not that easy to come with something interesting. You can see my first results on the new AI Art section.

Site Reconstruction

Some weeks ago, the HD on the server for died. It was an old (2009) Mac Mini running Linux Fedora 11 (yup!), and it was very silent and efficient, but unfortunately it was also running a bit too hot, and finally the HD gave up. Thank God, I had backup copies… and up-to-date too! 🙂

As it is always the case with such catastrophes, it happend on a weekend, too late to just purchase a new HD and replace it. Also, the intrincacies of disassembling and reassembling a Mac Mini just discouraged such possibility… it was way faster to just use one of the old PC’s I had at hand.

The problem is that I was using an old version of CMS Made Simple for the web site, and it is impossible to simply install that version on a modern Linux distro, so I had no use for the CMSMS backup… I could have installed an outdated distro, but for several reasons I didn’t want to follow that route.

So finally I opted to just rewrite the site using copy & paste from the backup. For that purpose I used WordPress, not because I like it better than CMSMS, but because I was in a lazy mood: WP is what I use at work these days, so I’m more used to it now than to CMSMS.