POV-Ray 3.0, 1997

Sep-Oct-1997, Topic ART & ENTERTAIMENT

Placed 11th

Submission txt

Dressing room with make-up stuff

The idea for the scene was arrived too late. I’ve managed several other ideas, but nothing realizable or interesting. Even this one not seemed too interesting at first, but due to the near deadline I’ve tried it. And the result is not too bad, with a nice lighting and melancholy ambient, but still not finished, of course. Lots of make-up related objects can be added over the marble, and more decoration, perhaps some clothes… (suggestions wanted!)

Obviously, I needed to look at many “women” magazines, to copy most of the objects in the scene. The rest come from my memory or from suggestions from friends and family.

Technically, the scene is, as usually, simple. But there is a lot of trial & error for lighting/texturing. I’ve planned first a nice feature, simulating specular light coming from the mirror. But when I’ve added latter the bulbs to the mirror frame, the effect is not much noticed and a bit disturbing. I must try it in future scenes, only with one light far away from the mirror. Finally the specular simulation was disabled for the final render.