POV-Ray 3.0, 1997

Nov-Dec-1997, Topic CHILDHOOD

Placed 1st!!!

Update Dec-2003

There is below a bigger version (1152×864), as I had to re-render it for a publication.

Submission txt

Yes, I know, this round topic isn’t KITCHEN, but this image is a memory from my childhood which, casually, happens on the kitchen. This imaginary snapshot is taken few minutes after a “headfirst” fall, many years ago.

The scene was done for this round, but well, ok, some code come from old scenes: you can recognize it if visited my gallery. I’m referring to the cofee stuff (from CAFE.POV) and to the fruits (from BODEGON.POV). However, I’m tried to clean the code and enhance a bit the old objects. All the rest is created for this occasion, with no exccesive detail, but the camera is a distant and you can’t see some lacks (some others are *very* visibles!).

I’ve started with very simple simulacres of the final objects, following the words of Glenn McCarter. So, with only some spheres, cylinders and planes, I tried very different arrangements, ligthings, cameras, etc… and finally found the basic composition of the scene. Later, I’ve finished the objects, added some others, and rendered a preview in 800×600 with aa and area ligts to test the render time (I don’t want surprises near the deadline!) and to see posible little defects not visibles in work renders (480×360, it’s a nice res. for tests, not too big, not too small). Then showed to some friends and used their comments to enhance a bit the scene before the final render (thanks to David R. Hayes and Fran_ois Dispot for the usefull advices).

For the curious, here is a brief explanation about the nature of objects :

  • lots of CSG : the kitchen & furnitures, the refrigerator, the chairs and the table, the stool, the coffe pot, the glass of milk, etc…, all typed directly in Qedit.
  • HEIGHT_FIELD/MATERIAL_MAP pairs : the door and the radio front, done poorly by hand in Paintbrush.
  • simple HEIGHT_FIELDS : the kitchen and extractor grilles, the skimmer, the coffee cup handles (not visibles), the calendar shape, the blood, the refigerator mark, the cockies and the floor tile are also created by hand and retouched with Paintbrush. The towel is a cutted piece of another image done with povray and a gray-scale gradient.
  • IMAGE_MAPS : the calendar print is another scene of my gallery, the corridor wallpaper and the kitchen tile are both Fractint images retouched with Paintbrush, and the label for the liquor bottle is done by hand over another old scene.
  • MATERIAL_MAPS : the clock numbers, with Paintbrush again.
  • LATHES : the pans, coffee cups, bottle, cookies pots, spices pots… designed in graph paper and coded by hand.
  • BLOBS : the apples are loops of blobs done with clasical trial-and-error methods. The oranges are simple spheres with normals.
  • more LOOPS : The floor and the grille for the refrigerator foot (hmmm… why not a HF for this grille? I’m stupid!).
  • and something I’m surelly missing…

Nothing more to say. Oh, well, perhaps something more: the suposed sunlight is wrong, yes, I know. The rays aren’t paralel as in real sun, and the location it’s absurd, but I like how it looks, specially the simulation of ambient with a big area light (24×24!) and the yellowish “old photo” effect.