POV-Ray 3.1, 2000

Mar-Apr-2000, Topic CITY

Placed 10th

Submission txt

Night view of a (uknown) city, taken from the industrial suburbs road.

As someone pointed on irtc-l, I needed an excuse to make a city without people. I tought inmediately on a nigth scene, of course. Later, other list member suggested a suburbs view. I joined both things and decided to try a night view of the city, from the suburbs. So in the foreground, I don’t need to put people (Well, finally I’ve placed some simple models at the distance, to “humanize” a bit the scene…).

Using rough and simple shapes, I tried several arrangements and views. When I found the rigth composition (basically the same as finally used), and decided that this was my scene for this round, I started the “serious” and slow creation of details. All is done with my usual techniques (mostly CSG and HF), using macros and rand() a lot to randomize object textures and placement.There are too many objects in the scene to describe them. See the code if you have any curiosity. As usual, all is hand-coded and textured procedurally, except for the signs and banner ads, wich are image maps.

I tried several views for the final trace, including the typical “cockpit” view, but none worked better than the first one. Anyhow, for some reason, the 800×600 proportions looked strange to me, for this view. I cutted the image with the Gimp to my ideal size, but this time was the camera point who looked strange for the image proportions. Grrr… well, I’ve finally forced the image proportions with a *very-wierd* “right 800/454*x” statement on the camera , and adjusted it to obtain the same view. The final image composition looks very semablant to the one on the original sketch.