POV-Ray 3.0, 1996

Nov-Dec-1996, Topic FLIGHT

Placed 9th

Submission txt

This is the Last Street at the town, near the cultivated lands and the country. At night, the butterflys come to the town attracted by the street lamps, flying around them. This is the country version, to see the citizen version look at my other entry : BTFLY2.jpg.

History :

After knowing next topic, I’ve decided first what themes are in excess tipical and discard them : Airplanes. Latter, I’ve discarded the most dificult themes : Birds. But, thinking a little more, and looking for photos on reviews, I’ve found a great theme, not much tipical and not much dificult: BUTTERFLYS.

I’ve reused an object never finished : a simple street light. I’ve used them to put a few butterflys flying around. The btrflys consist on four HFs for wings and a blob for the body and antennas. Hundreds of trys with wings texture and with body & legs (no well finished).

Then, added a bump_map wall for backg. They look very flat.

Thinking… box-bircks discarded: too simples….

…Attempt to do the wall with superellipsoids : increases render time.

Finally, wall was created with blob-bricks: quick trace and good aspect.

Lithing effect in lamp enhanced with halos inside the bulb. Four other lights are placed inside the lamp to simulate reflected light. Missing halos for optical effects. Lots of 160×120 previews here.

Aded tiled roof, and lunar light to create shadows into the wall (and to see the butterflys better). Somebody suggest to put a crossbeam below the roof: accepted.

Wall looks empty. A lot of big bricks and 2 pieces of wood makes the visible part of a door at the right.

At this point, the glass of the lamp cry for a landscape to reflect. Done with HF and sky_sphere.

And, finally, lots and lots of 160×120 renders and battles with code to put things in realistic positions and proportions. Experiments with camera, lithing, etc, etc…