MegaPOV 0.7, 2001

Mar-Apr-2001, Topic FORTRESS

Placed 24th

Submission txt:

Natural fortress.

I decided to enter just five days ago. So, I started the scene saturday, and worked quickly (and dirty, sorry for the messy code) to have something ready before the deadline (just in the moment I’m writing, the image is rendering on background… and the dealine is really near, if not passed).

Technically, nothing special this time, only something quick to enter and to recover my lost inspiration. Only notice that this is perhaps the first entry in the IRTC history done with two different programs. I used initially POV-Ray 3.1g, but the scene crashed and I had to continue it with megaPOV 0.6a. Fortunately, there is no visible difference betwen the two parts. Also note this is my first time casting a life form: please, be merciful… 🙂