POV-Ray 3.1, 1999

Nov-Dec-1999, Topic GARDENS

Placed 2nd!

Subsmission txt

A lonely urban tree at night.

I expended about 2 seconds to arrive to the conclusion that more than 2 or 3 of my trees on the same scene, is too much for my RAM and/or patience. So, I needed a good excuse to use only a few… the solution arrived later, when I finished my job and walked to my car, parked some streets away, just in front of a lonely orange tree on the sidewalk. I know it’s not a “real” garden, but what is a garden? Just that but with much more terrain and plants, isn’t? 😉

Starting with a rough “sketch” of the scene, I used the two months period to enhance it slowly, object by object. The models used are “extracted” from the streets of Valencia, using eye-measuring: I don’t like to appear as a fool measuring the streets with a tape! 🙂 I used things seen here and there to create an imaginary street for my orange tree.

After many light tweaking (fade distance, fade power and color are very important for nigth scenes), the first “final” rendering was excesive, perhaps more than a day. So, I reduced the area_lights, perhaps too much, I know, but the result doesn’t looks too bad.

That’s all. See the zip for details, and mail me if something is missing or not clear. As always, I’ve done some code-cleaning and added a few comments latter, but don’t expect depurated/exemplary code. My usual “muddling-along” programming style is even worse when I write POV scripts… 😉