POV-Ray 3.0, 1997

Jan-Feb-1997, Topic GLASS

Placed 13th

Submission txt

Broken window glasses in a deserted house.

Well, I’ve used my traditional method : saying to everyone about the topic, listening all purpouses. Finally, someone has proposed a window breaking, although I’ve decided to do broken glasses instead of the breaking action, b’cos it needs much more work (and to break glasses to observe it…:->).

I’ve used again HFs to do the hard work : the broken glasses. They consist of 2 hfs, one for each side, to do a solid glass piece. The hole was removed with water_level 0.001. The glasses design are is from my memory, visually confirmed latter. The rest of scene uses typical features in typical ways :

  • WINDOW : Lots of csg and previews. T_Wood15 used to texture, but with few modifications, warp added (no much control yet), and a normal to simulate old varnish. A layer of filth and HF’s added latter to enhance the worn effect (it was hard work to intersect the HF’s).
  • WALL : There are here 2 HF’2, one for lime and another internal for bricks, all with 2 dirt layers over textures. I’ve used the pigment_map for the first time, to do the lime holes for see the bricks, and I’m pleased with the result. Trace this scene with larger camera distance to see the great effect of holes and dirt.
  • LANDSCAPE : HF used again to do their true work: the terrain, reflected in the broken glasses. Done with another pov scene with gradient z and an apropiated color_map and pattern (really vast powerful method to do HFs). This scene is not included: is a sample from POV help.
  • COURTAINS : I’ve used the same method as in landscape.
  • OTHER OBJECTS not viewed in this picture : There is not a room behind the courtains, but there is an interior closing device, simple but really interesting (commented out).
  • LIGHTS : There are 2 point lights, one for the mediterranean sun and other, shadowless, for the camera flash and ambient light.

Extra Comments:

Well, I’m really glad with this competition. I discovered POVRay 2.x in Aug 1995, and the former competition was finished. After a training period (almost a year), doing insipid test scenes, I’ve decided to give up all other terrenal possessions and to trace reality bits for the rest of my life, with a few breaks to work, eat, sleep, and many other activities not detailed. One of these is my strugle with spanish phone lines to contact and the IRTC page. It is very difficult for me to send and receive files whitout any problem, and I spend hours trying and trying again. In fact, I’ve never been able to vote yet b’cos I can’t download all the files, and I prefer not to vote partially. Fortunately, at work, I can now access to Internet at 64k, and I expect to send this round submision without any problem… :-}

Finally, I apologise for my low english level. POV and INC files come with spanish comments. I’ve tried to be more aware and methodical this time, but it’s hard for me to keep a clean code when the scene reaches a high level of complexity. Recently, browsing Collins Dict., I’ve found the word MUDDLE, unkown for me, that resumes in English multiples Spanish expressions that are very appropiated to describe my pov style: muddle along, muddle on, muddle through and muddle up! The most appropiated is, perhaps, MUDDLE ALONG. 8-(