POV-Ray 3.1, 1999

Jan-Feb-1999, Topic IMAGINARY WORLDS

Placed badly…

Submission txt

W95 logo can look very calm and peaceful at a superficial look, but open the window and take a look inside…

(If you’re wondering where the hell is the “-seat” part of this “winseat” series image, it is just bellow your bottom!)

The window it’s a macro based on CSG, slighty customizable. It is not really semblant to M$ logo window, but I don’t want any legal (C) problem… 😉 The two skies are two half-speheres, separate with a mirror to give the impresion of the window floating in the space, as the “gate” between the to worlds, the imaginary (outside) and the real one (inside). 😉 The big flames guarding the inside are created with media statment, after big battle with paramenters.

Sorry for simplicity (see, little effort), but I’m very busy these days. This is only my obligated “winseat” image, due to my unexpected nomination as “agreagate admin” some rounds ago. The admins are very strict with this, and I fear to be fired for not doing my job… 🙂