POV-Ray 3.1, 1999

Jul-Aug-1999, Topic LANDMARK

Placed 4th!

Subsmission txt

Uknown landmark (hmmm… a bit absurd!).

As all my scenes, this one started as a experiment. And, of course, with height_fields! The idea was to generate with POV succesive height_fields to match with each other, and use them later to create a continuos wall out of several height_fields. The first tries inspired to me the idea of a little canyon, a gorge really, with tall walls creating a narrow pass. This seemed as a good subject for a “remarkable” place.

Here is a list of the different parts and the techniques used for each:

  • CANYON: Height_fields. Generated with POV. The contiguous walls are obtained moving the camera just to match with the previous height_field. The bed is done with other height_field, for the stones under water.
  • RIVER: Height_field + fog. Here I used again the technique of contiguous height_fields to build the long water surface. A underwater fog was added to make the transparence less uniform.
  • BRIDGE: Height_fields. The idea for the bridge was really obvious: the scene seemed to want it. Is done with 3 height_fields and some cylinders.
  • REEDS: Meshes + CSG. Variation of my typical and simple “curved-leaf” plants, adapted to look like reeds. The dificult part was to bend them.
  • SKY: Planes. Another idea special for this scene. It’s so simple that I wonder how I’ve not tought on it. It’s a simple stack of planes and a blue sky_pehere. The trick is in the texture aplied to the planes, “hidding” his flat nature by succesive modifications to the pigments and filter values. Looks nice!

For more details, see the code in the zip file (some PNG files used as height_fields are not present: trace them first from the respective .pov).