POV-Ray 3.0, 1998

May-Jun-1998, Topic NATURE

Placed 14th

Submission txt

A cold place where I don’t want to be more than few minutes. Just the time needed to say “Wow! What landscape!” and go back home. In fact I’ve never visited such kind of place, all is product of my imagination and memory of photos and films (specially documentaries, which I see a lot), and the comments of several previewers, specially from David Heys from… Alaska! 🙂

The main target was to create a snowy mountain with a NATURAL look.

The technical part resulted interesting to me, bcos I wanted to have a real, more natural mountain, with snow remaining in the most plain parts of the height_field. I tried at first with simple textures and several height_fields, but the mountain not looked really snow-covered. I’ve been forced to:

1)Wait for a slope_map sentence in a next POV version (not 3.1, I suspect),


2)try to create the slope_map effect with some external programming (I’ve never managed, even remotely, the posibility to modify POV sources).

So, I’ve searched the net for a decent TGA file descrition, and found the nice one from David McDuffee. From here, I started with a simple TGA reader, not viewer, only to read it and show some information. The next step was to wrote the same TGA file and to be able later to use it in any other program. Done this, I’ve started the real thing: to read a TGA height_field file and to procces it to create a second TGA, for use as a material_map for the snow.

It worked not too bad! I’m waiting to put my hands on POV-Ray 3.1 to create that effect, without external programming…

All the rest is done within POV, with no other external things. The sky is present, but the intense fog make it disappear. A layer of clouds is floating below the camera, but it’s a plane with a normal modifier. The distant mount is a modified copy of the mountain. The ice plaques are repetitions of another height_field created with POV and retouched with PCPaintbrush. The water is a simple bump_maped plane with water finish. A ground fog is over the water to mix things at distance.

The ZIP contains all the required files, but I’ve downsized the tga files for HFs and MMs, to avoid long upload/download times. The EXE for the external program is not provided, but the PRG with the code is here, take a loo at your own risk…

Finally, sorry to all people from cold places, perhaps (surely) I’ve done many mistakes, but I’ve never seen such landscape or something similar. My experience with snow is really inexistant.