POV-Ray 3.0, 1998

Mar-Apr-1998, Topic NITGH

Placed 2nd!

Submission txt

A blind alley at night. Nothing happens here, at least not in this moment. There is no story, is only a view. It’s your chance to figure out something …perhaps a tramp’s view of home? …or a crime scene? …or simply a good place to pis on? 🙂

This round I’ve managed soon many ideas, even tried sketches for some of them, but I discarded many due to my modelling lacks. Finally, my sister Lidia was proposed to do a dark alley, with all the typical stuff of half abandoned streets. The idea was very suggesting, with no really complex modelling (if you don’t try to do some cats, of course!). The perfect excuse to put in all my “wall” stuff with some interesting lights!

I’ve started with a poor-shaped version to try some compositions and the first lighting attempts. When the whole thing looked right, I’ve started the real work, adding stuff and doing test renders, without any concrete idea about the final result… simply muddling along, as usually.

The zip file contains a little explanation of objects used (descript.txt), all created for this round, except for the wall include file, started in the last round, but really finished this round. I’ve enhanced it a lot while doing this scene, to make it more standard and able to create many different walls and floors. For more details see the code, this time commented in english!

The ZIP also contains all the code (except for the possibly missed files:), and some subdirectories for other scenes with file-generation purposes, so use -d when unzipping.