POV-Ray 3.0, 1997


Poorly placed

Submission txt

Uknown type Star with Cosmic Landscape. Don’t try to understand : I’m not an astrophysicist.

My first thinking about the topic was “it’s too extensive!”. And, as late as today, I think the same. Due to my incapacity to find a concrete idea and a bit of work excess, I’ve not found the idea for this round until last week. That’s why this scene is a bit poor in modelling, but I’ve learned a lot about halos in POVRay. I must have not entered in competit. this round, but I can’t resist…

There are not lights on the scene. A big sphere is used for the starmap, done with a POVRay pigment. The near sun/star is a sphere with crackle texture and some halos. The other distant stars are also halos (4 cones).

The main work of the scene was trying and trying again with the halo parameters to obtain nice effects, looking at lots of photos and fiction drawings of the space. But I’m not much satisfied with the result: you can give me as few points as you want and send ultracritic comments, don’t fear!