POV-Ray 3.1, 2000

Jan-Feb-2000, Topic RUINS

Placed 9th

Submission txt

The ruins of a tomb. Where? Hmmm… who knows? The tomb is no yet discovered, and I would not reveal the actual location, of course…

Nothing too ambitious this time. Only a few more experiments with height_fields. There are only height_fields on the scene. …well, also some spheres! 🙂

Started with my old (well, yes, not so old!) Intel P-II 450, and finished with a new Intel P-III 667, runing Linux 2.2.5. Yes, I’m guilty: I upgraded only to raytrace faster… I’m really an addict! The new 667 it’s a 40% faster for many scenes, and even a 50% for some simple scenes. I translated the old 450 to another room, but I’ve some cable and unused ethernet boards… anyone ported PVMPOV to 3.1g? 😉

Tomb concept losely based on the tombs from Al-Hijr, in Arabia, today known as Madaen-Saleh. I used some pics appeared on the spanish magazine “MUY INTERESANTE” as reference. My excuses to the architects here (at least one!:) for the bad and free representation of the beduin art, but I was very lazy and out of time this round to do an accurate modelling (build of the new 667, install Linux and restore backup, the spanish translation of POV docs, learning UniMegaPOV, Python, GTK+/GDK, etc…).