POV-Ray 3.0, 1997

Mar-Apr-1997, Topic SCHOOL

Placed 17th

Submission txt

Last night before the exam, and I had no idea.

I started this round scene without much enthusiasm. The topic didn’t inspire a great idea to me, and I tried a simple and not very original composition, but the result, after a lot of work, is more artistic than I expected…

A book is open at page with the exam chapter, but and I’m listening some music in my desk combo, thinking about something more interesting.

All objects in scene are created by hand specially for this round, except for the closed books, that were previously used in other scene, but enhanced. Nothing special : HFs, image and bump maps, CSG, and lots of trial-and-error to place objects. There are, of course, some nice details, but some extra attention is required to notice them.

I used TXT2POV to generate the combo trade mark and the sign. It’s a small command-line utlity I wrote recently to create raytraced texts for simple purpouses.

The calculator is done with a combination of a HF and a material_map, which seems to be a very good method to do such type of objects. The closed books were textured also with material_map. Don’t search for this titles in any bookshop: they are imaginary books prologued by Stanislav Lem, my fav SF writer. But, unfortunately, I don’t know the title of the book in other edition than the Spanish edition : “Un valor imaginario”. My simplest translation to english can be “An Imaginary value”.

The open book was created with a HF rather than a prism, due to my fear to not finding the exact shape. Another HF is used to do the shape for the texture of the side of curved pages, hand made in Paintbrush.

The Halo for the bulb is not a lens flare or photografic effect, I preferred to do an optical effect like in direct vision. It consists of hundreds of thin cones with ambient and filter. The lamp uses 2 lights, one spotlight for direct and (simulated) specular lights, and another one for the ambient light.

The rest of objects in scene are done with CSG of simple shapes with POVRay default textures, some of them slighty modified. And that’s all!