POV-Ray 3.0, 1996

Sep-Oct-1996, Topic SCIENCE FICTION

Placed 13th

Submission txt

Laboratory escene : there is a computer system with 5 brained procesors. Yes, a bit of imagination is recomended to recognize the brains, but is my best code-aproach, since I don’t like to use triangle models from others (And not only for principles : I have only 8MB).

The scene is not specially inspired in any picture, film or book, but is possible a non-conscient inspiration (I’m SF Read Only).

  • There is not previous design in brains. The brain model was obtained by caotic methods : try randomly and inconscient experiments with #whiles, sin(), cos() and blobs, and stoping if result resembles somthing like a brain. The method can be named “The Persistence Of Ignorace”.
  • The rest of laboratory is done with tipical features like CSG, and basic figures in the tipical ways. The only exception is the instruments and other electronic parafernalia, done with heigth_fields to save time. Is the first time I’v thinked on this use of HFs.
  • GIFs for HFs badesigned with Paintbrush, they need more work and resolution. The ceramic wall bump_map is done with a POV superellipsoid with z-gradient.
  • All textures are POVRAY defaults or modifications.