MegaPOV 0.3, 2000

Jul-Aug-2000, Topic SEA

Placed 4th!

Submission txt

Lower hold of the “Nuestra Senyora de la Digitacion”. The water is flowing slow but implacably. After a riot on board, the insurgents took a wrong rute to the reefs, and this is the result. Due to the slow sinking, all the crew and passengers managed to abandon the holds and cabins, and they are now cramed on the deck, trying to decide if its better to die drowned or devoured by the sharks.

The story is a bit depresing, but is true. Of course, the name of the ship is totally imaginary and details are perhaps not exact: I’ve read it some years ago and I’ve not found the magazine…

The modelling is totally free. I’ve not found any image or pictures of ship holds, to document it better, so I let my “stereotypes memory” to flow…

There are not technical wonders. The only tricks are the use of a slope pattern to bend the wood texture for the curved woods on the sides of the ship, and the faked bubbles shooting up the water surface, wich are highly reflective blobs. The rest is classical csg and some height fields. The “stock” objects were enhanced a bit, not only “just used” in the scene.

As usual, many test renders were necessary to find the proper lighting, but the camera was placed in it’s final position at the beginning. Real area ligths were discarded due to the excesive rendering time stimated: I used a “sphere” of 5 point lights for each lamp to simulate a soft light. I tried to add some ropes to fasten the load, but in the process I’ve lost the nice effect of the incomming water, so I’m submitting the previous version.