POV-Ray 3.0, 1996

Jul-Aug-1996, Topic SUMMER

Placed 18th

Submission txt

“BOTIJO” it’s a typical object in Spanish summer, particulary in dry lands. The English Dictionary definition is “earthenware drinking jug, with spout and handle”. This aparently simple artefact keep cold the water by the same mechanism used by the human skin : transpiration.

  • Image coded totaly by hand, previously in graph paper, and finaly in Qedit.
  • SOR’s are used for the “botijo” and the glass, and “#WHILE” loops for the floor and walls. Small water drops around the glass done with “#WHILE” and “RAND()”.
  • The ceramic tile, “AZULEJO” in spanish, was from Internet SUMMERSUN DESIGN web page.
  • The image_map “rugoso.gif” was created with my own program RELIEVE.