MegaPOV 0.7, 2000

May-Jun-2000, Topic WILDERNESS

Placed 10th

Submission txt

Untouched cavern, with stalactites and stalagmites.

Blobs, blobs and blobs. lots of them created and placed in several “#while” loops. Oh, …and two height fields, one for the cavern walls, floor and ceil, created internally with the “pattern” image type, and another for the waves on the water, created by an external scene with several torii (I haven’t figured a way to do it with a texture). The texture for the rocks uses some new megapov features: “transmit” and “reset_children”.

That’s all. Pretty simple, in fact… the most hard work was to find the random seed for a nice arrangement (…you know, I avoid manual placement if possible! :).

The code sent does not trace actually the submitted scene, bcos I was trying to rewrite the entire scene to place the stalactites/stalagmites following the surface of the height_fields, but it was not finished for the deadline date… 🙁 I promise a new version “out of contest”.