The Bedroom

Wings3D + Poseray + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2009 Lighting Challenge #21

At the POV-Ray newsgroups, someone pointed out about this challenge, and the fact that for first time it was available in POV-Ray format. So, just for satisfying my curiosity, I went there and downloaded the files… I didn’t really mean to enter the challenge, but after looking at the ugly POV export they offer, I had to demonstrate that better options can be offered to POV-Ray artists if they really want some povers to enter the challenge.

So, I used Poseray to convert the OBJ format offered into POV SDL. The scene is really nice, and very detailed, but unfortunately the author was a bit lazy with the object naming. The solution, to avoid excesive trial & error, was to use Wings3D just to identify the object names (I didn’t touch anything within Wings3D).

Because the main challenge is the lighting, I didn’t even bother to uvmap the objects that don’t have uvmaps… I wanted to focus on the lighting, which I think I finally solved with a variation the classic arealight-on-the-window trick. I’m not satisfied with the overexposing of the windows and blinds, but in general the trick seems to work well with just 1 rad bounce.

As a bonus, I added postprocessed media. Using a third pass with black objects and without area lights, I got a “media mask” wich I applied as an overlapping layer on The Gimp. Combined render time was about 16 hours.

Source code is not available, as it contains objects that are not may work and that I cannot redistribute. If you’re really interested in the lighting or textures, just drop a message and I will send you them.


  • Kevin Breit Poster downloaded from his Wikipedia page.
  • Other posters are from Wikimedia Commons
  • Phhotographic textures from Mayang and Accustudio.
  • Cloths generated with Arahne Arahweave.