Classical Alarm-Clock

Wings3D + MegaPOV 1.2, 2005

I saw an stock-photo of a classic alarm-clock, and was curious about if my recent studio-lighting experiment will help to get the same feeling on a clock modeled with Wings3D.

The lighting comes from an HDRI map created with my studio-lighting kit. On the tests below I tried other HDRI maps, including the classic kitchen probe from Paul Debevec.

The arrows were modeled with POV only, as this way they are much easier to place in diferent times of the day. Then I just wrapped it all with a macro wich takes the textures and the hour to display as parameters (the source code will be here in some days).

Update 06/14/06 :

I’ve just uploaded the source code, after some cleaning. It contains the alarm-clock object wrapped into a convenient macro. The macro accepts time parameters, and there is a simple scene showing the usage (it doesn’t requieres Lightsys nor MegaPOV).