A Modern Interior

Wings3D + MegaPOV 1.2, 2005-2006

Yet more Wings3D learning… this time I’m trying to develop an interior scene, modeling all the furniture and even the room itself.

I started with a bare room, then modelled the sofa and the table, and used the courtains from my kitchen scene. Later I added a twisted lamp and some cushions, and filled the space with more copies of the sofa. As you can see on the first tests, my decoration skills are very poor, so I created a random algoritm to chose the colors and compose some function patterns with them, then making random combinations.

The plan is to make a living room, so I will ad some more furniture like chairs, dinner table, TV, etc… all done with Wings3D, except when using POV-Ray geometry is easier.

UPDATE 10/03/06

There are new test images below, showing the slow progress of this scene. You will notice that I restarted the project several times, but I think that finally I know what I want to do.

UPDATE 05/07/07

I’ve given up with this version, but I will start again from the scratch some day, of course.

Here are some notes about these images:

  • On some images I used fabrics done with ArahWeave.
  • The curtains on the latest tests are created with the fantastic cloth simulation from MegaPOV.
  • The fur rug it’s a heightfield created with the Gimp, using the Gimpressionist “Furry” plugin over a white background.
  • The wood floor is just an image_map using a free texture from
    www.accustudio.com, using the same image as bump_map.
  • Some of the rug designs are also images from accustudio. The rest of the image maps are from www.mayang.com
  • The HDRI on some of the tests is “BuildingMarble-SkyDome-FREE”, courtesy of HDRIMaps (www.HDRIMaps.com) from the LightWorks HDRI Starter Collection (www.lightworkdesign.com).