Wings3D + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2009

After I modelled an spider with Wings3D, it seemed easier to do insects, so I tried with an ant next. This time I took the time to cut the head and legs appart, so that I can pose the ant with the help of a POV-Ray macro.

I think I’m going for the “marching on the branch” idea… if I find the inspiration to finish it, of course.

Update 08/23/10

I’ve finished with this scene some months ago, but I forgot to update this page until now… here is the final “marching” scene, featuring displacement mapping on the branch.

I posted a prior version without displacement on the newsgroups, and received convincing suggestions to try it. So, I fired Poseray and applied a manipulated Mayang photo of a bark as displacement mapping on a heavily smoothed branch. I also used a POVTree with tweaked textures to simulate the rest of the tree. The background HDRI comes from

Below there is also a ground variant, as I found a similar image while googling for reference images, and was unable to resist the challenge… That scene uses 1 ant, 1 Arbaro tree, 15 little branches, 25 sprots, 16000 stones, and 350000 sand grains. I’ve to say that POV-Ray 3.7 managed it all very nicely, and the final image, using SSLT and focal blur only tok 4 hours… 😉