Wings3D + POV-Ray 3.7 RC3, May-2011

Another quick one…

  • Bamboo modeled and bent with Wigs3D, exported via Poseray.
  • Hundred of copies placed and transformed randomly in front of the camera.
  • Single texture, applied to each copy after a random transform.
  • The texture is a simple texture_map using “gradient y”, and involving a tricky AOI layer using pigment_pattern to add turbulence.
  • Big area light for the sun, plus a simple white sphere for the sky dome.
  • A picture was put in the background to avoid adding geometry just for a blurry forest.
  • Renders in about 15min on a Phenom II X4… that’s why I haven’t resisted to render a lot of variants with different random seeds.

The source code above doesn’t contains the required images, but has the URLs to the original images from