HDRI Watch

MegaPOV 1.1, 2005

Another old model resurected. I was searching trough forgotten folders for objects suitable for HDRI tsets, and found this old model of mine. It was POV-Ray 3.0 code, so I had to add semicolons, but for the rest it rendered quickly as it was cheap CSG with spheres, toruses and superellipsoids.

I have not resited to enhance some of the pieces with Wings3D, like the hands, the buttons and the lower body, and perhaps will remake some more pieces.

On the tests below you can see the effect of different hdr images on the lighting. The last one uses no lighting, just reflections, and it’s traced with a custom POV-Ray version wich has the pre-clipping of focal blur turned on. Unlike the main image, wich uses the official version without clipping (but had to be rendered at double resolution and resized down to reduce artifacts).