Hotel Crime Scene

Chief Architect X1 + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2009

I was trying to do a remake of an old scene, this time using Chief Architect to model the hotel corridors, but then I got an idea for an alternative to the original topic…

Modeling is 99% Chief Architect: with POV-Ray I only added the image with the body profile and the blood, using a transparent PNG on a plane (the image was created with The Gimp, of course). The real work with POV-Ray is on the textures and lighting, specially the lighting, as it was tricky to adjust the photons for the caustic effects (in fact, I lost some time with a failed experiment trying to fake them).

In the end, with so many lights, radiosity and photons, the render time is way too long… I can’t find the patience to give this scene the final push.