Rocky Desert

POV-Ray 3.7 + Wings3D, 2010

Another one that I forgot to publish last year, who knows why… but I remember that I put aside everything else, and followed the impulse to create this scene, after looking at a nice image on the Blender site gallery. Thankfully it was easy and quick to transform parts of prior scenes into this one.

  • The rocks are just one mesh rock I modelled some time ago with Wings3D. About 16000 copies where scattered on the terrain, using different loops for different size ranges.
  • The terrain is composed of two heighfields. The one for the near terrain is derived from a rock texture, heavily processed with The Gimp. The distant mountains are a procedural one using the wrinkles pattern.
  • The snake is a mesh model found on
  • The sky and sunlight are provided by, as usual.
  • The flock of birds is also recycled from an old scene.
  • On the last iterations, I used the textured fog trick by Sam Benge… works amazingly!
  • Rendered with radiosity, focal blur and aa in less than 1 hour.