Sold out

Wings3D + Poseray + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2010

Inspired by a spam received on my inbox, with the subject “Sold Out – LIMITED UNITS WATCHES”. It made me remember that Simpsons episode where Homer wants to purchase a Mr. Microphone for bart’s birthday… only that I reversed the situation, and the warehouse is really empty, with only some units left, so the advertising is really true.

The van model is from DMI, and the pallet truck, extinguisher and crane are from The rest was quickly modeled with Wings3D, and everything was textured with proceduralized image maps. The wrinkled papers on the floor are the only CSG, recycled from an old scene (the office).

For the floor dirt I used 2 additional layers, one for the shoe prints, and other for the skid marks. The big puddle-like stains are not an additional layer, but a very thin height_field that appears trough the floor only at some places… the tricky transparent texture on it seems to work very well.

For the lighting I used Lightsys, with an area_light to give more interesting shadows. The final render took about 2 hours, using two pass radiosity.