The Kitchen

POV-Ray 3.6 + Wings3D + The Gimp, 2005

This was my entry for the POVCOMP 2004, a POV-Ray competition organized by the POV-Team.

I started to gather ideas with an aim to change from my usual style, but I was not able to come up with any feasible and original idea, mostly due to my lack of imagination. So I finally decided to do what I know (that is, to replicate reality and do not try to imagine anything), but to try it as hard as ever, both in terms of detail and realism. And as kitchens were always my preferred raytracing subject…

Unfortunately, combining real life and deadlines is not my best, so the result isn’t as realist or detailed as I wanted, although it’s relatively close to my expectactions. Anyhow, seems the image was better than I tought, because I got the second place!

The source code is available here and also at the POVCOMP entry page. I also rendered the image for the poster, at 5250×3500 for the huge size at zazzle (see link below the image thumbnail above). This rendering took 18 days across 5 computers, and it exposes nicely all the flaws of the scene. I added some details from that image at the end of the wips on this page.