The Average Office

POV-Ray 3.6 + Wings3D, 2004

Unbelievable! I’ve finished this scene! It was at first a typical office made from remembrances of offices I worked at, but later evolved onto a real office, as a friend of mine wanted to test how things would look on his new property (see WIPs 1 & 2). Now it is again a ficticious office, wich I populated with some more objects done with Wings3D.

Update 11/21/04

Just added the source code, as there was some interest on it. Remember to download also these required includes:, &

Update 12/14/06

I’ve used this scene to test MegaPOV XRS with my AMDX2 (dual core), but I didn’t resist the temptation of tweaking a bit the radiosity (see office-13-060930 below). Using two instances of XRS, I rendered the image at twice the resolution with both CPUs. The performance is almost doubled, with rendering time reduced about 50%.