Town Street

Wings3D + MegaPOV 1.2, 2005

This is something I was doing last year just when the POVCOMP started… of course I abandoned it, but decided later to continue to work on it, and this is the result.

Parts of some houses are modelled with Wings3D, but the rest consists on classic POV techniques. The lighting and sky are provided by CIE_Skylight. The car on the first wips is the magnificent Mini Cooper model by Giles Tran. Later I used some of my first experiments with car modeling, but finally I modeled something more classic: a Citroen GS. It fits much better the nice feel the Mini was giving to the scene.

Update 06/14/06 :

After a long time trying to avoid cleaning the messy code, I finally uploaded the sources because there were several petitions accumulated. It doesn’t includes the cars, but the rest is the same you can see on the latest images.

Update 07/04/06 :

Those intrepid enough to have rendered the sources, must have noticed there was a mising HDRI map for the sky sphere. Although it’s not necessary to render the scene, here it is in case you want to use it for this or any other scene.