Toy Robot

Wings3D + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2009

For years now I wanted to model a toy robot, but never found the inspiration… until some months ago. As usual, while searching for other things on google, I found a picture of an adorable Lilliput Robot, a japanese toy robot, and this time I didn’t let it go: I fired up Wings3D and started to work on it.

The modelling is fairly simple, specially for a modeller like Wings3D. The UV mapping was also relatively easy. The most difficult part was the metal dents, but only because I was slow finding about the random vertex selection… with that feature I selected 10% of the vertex and then applied some random deformation.

The final scene I did in MegaPOV is also a quick hack: I just copied and pasted together some objetcs from old scenes, and for the lighting I used a few HDRI maps… but I promise to do something more interesting with this robot… someday.