Camera (d)Effects Post Processing

POV-Ray 3.7

This is an experiment with postprocessing effects using the incredibly useful from POV-Ray. This include allows to place an object in front of the camera, perfectly aligned. I combined this feature and the HDRI output to create a set of macros for simulating camera effects (and deffects) with POV-Ray scenes.

The idea is to render normally the scene to HDR, and then render a postprocessing scene using this HDR image as input to modulate the desired camera effects. I created a macro for each (d)effect, and all them can be combined (when it makes sense, of course). Below you can see some examples of my already existing images postprocessed with this technique. I used several effects, sometimes mixed: vignetting, optical distortion, flim noise, channel noise, dust on the lens, chromatic aberration, luminous bloom, screen filter, bokeh,…

Unfortunately, due to work I abandoned the project for some weeks, and later I was too lazy to finish it… the fact is that it was getting a bit complex, and I was frightened by the serious research needed about real cameras. But coincidences happen, and these days I’m having to really learn how cameras work, so I will surely take on this again… soon.

update Oct-2012

Another abandoned project, though on this case I have some sources to share. Some time ago Ankur Handa asked me about this experiment, and I managed to clean the code a bit and pack it into a zip, so I’m publishing it “as is”… at least it can give you some ideas if you are doing similar experiments.