Car Modeling

MegaPOV 1.2, 2007

Last month I figured out a new way to model cars with Wings3D, and of course I had to quickly try it out to test if it was possible.

It consists on starting with two cylinders, extruded and bridged. On the WIPs section below you can see some screenshots illustrating the process. It’s an easy technique, and gives good results, specially for sport cars. Now I only have to think on a way of simulating the seams without actually cutting the pieces…

Update 02/08/08

I’m parking the cars for a while… literally. I learned some interesting techniques with Wings3D, but to achieve good realism, the level of details required is just too high, so I lost interest. But anyhow, I added the images rendered while learning.

The garage on some of the test images was also modeled with Wings3D, but for the outdoor images I just used a photographic texture as background.