Wings3D + Hgpovray, 2016

Experiments with fur… something very typical in CG, but that I never tried. After some tests using regular POV-Ray using trace() to place the threads, I noticed it was difficult to reach some places of complex shapes.

Casually, I was looking for a way to better place the rocks on my cave scene, and found an old post from Warp on the newsgroups about a patch for mesh data extraction. This would allow me to trace objects against individual triangles just from a point in front along the normal, so it looked interesting.

After asking if someone did know where to find such patch, Le Forgeron pointed it was part of MegaPOV and that it is now integrated on his very own POV-Ray patch based on 3.7: Hgpovray. Of course I instantly downloaded and compiled it, but instead using it for my original purpose (the cave), I opted to test it first on my fur experiments, and the results are great.

On the wips bellow, the first images use regular POV-Ray, but the last ones use Hgpovray. The diferences are not very noticeable on the drap, as it only has a few places where the folds are difficult to reach, but it shows its power on the knot image. The knot was created with Wings3d (it’s a standard predefined shape).