GS Motion

MegaPOV 1.2, 2005

This was a quick test of the motion blur from MegaPOV. I had the idea while searching for cars photos when I was modelling the GS, and I didn’t resist to try it out. Finally it was not so easy, because MegaPOV motion blur doesn’t work with the camera, but I resorted to move the rest of the scene except the GS.

To make it simpler, I faked the environment with some building pics from and my (ab)used road texture. The result looks nice, but the wheels don’t show very well the rotational motion…

UPDATE 02/14/09

In 2008 I did some more experiments with this scene, just to play more with integrating photos as background scenery. Not all the images feature the GS in motion, but as they derived from the original gs-motion scene, I added them here.