Other SSLT Tests

Wings3D + POV-Ray 3.7 RC6, Aug-2012

In addition to the dominoes, I did some other tests with the new SSLT feature (subsurface light transport).

For the icebergs, I used a heavily crumpled box modeled on Wings3D. It was specially slow to render, as the sea from my old buoy scene has media, but that SSLT definitely serves perfectly well for icebergs… I just need not figure out a way to model more realistic icebergs.

The piano test was quick, as I simple put together some copies of a keyboard scale I made years ago. It was also slow, and the effect can be seen as barely noticeable, but adds a realism touch that has no price…

If I make more SSLT test (which I will do for sure), I will update this page…