Photographic Skin

MegaPOV 1.2, Sep-2006

Last september I found casually a texture of a scanned head from, and I quickly downloaded it and started to play with the head model I created with Wings3D.

I didn’t manage to create a proper UV map for the head, so I finally resorted to cylindrical mapping with a bit of manual tweaking. The idea was to test the pros and cons of texturing with preiluminated maps. In this case the texture lighting was soft, so the result looks convincing with different lighting conditions. Anyhow, it looks a bit too solid… it would need a bit of translucency, but I let this for a future experiment.

UPDATE 02/14/09

Last summer I’ve not resisted the temptation to try the fake SSS by Samuel Benge with this model… it works very nice even if it’s just a trick (a very clever trick, indeed). I added the test images to the WIPs section below.