Studio Lighting

MegaPOV 1.x, 2005

Kit to create simple studio-like setups.

This is going to be a set of includes featuring fake studio-like lighting equipment, like umbrellas, softboxes, etc…, using LightSys to achieve proportional colors and intensities. It will include also several pre-made arrangements for the most typical studio layouts, which can be used directly with your own objects, or to render .hdr maps to light your already existing scenes.

The images here show the use of some of the layouts as .hdr maps into another scene created with Wings3D. If you look into the reflections, you will see the simple room and the umbrellas and softboxes used to create the map.

Update Jul.-2006:

This experiment sources are at last available, composed of some macros and a few predefined setups. It’s still an experiment, but I decided to publish it as a tool, because it can be useful to get fast studio-like lighting.